Mia's Tea (Gumamela)

          The Mia's tea is from the gumamela flower which symbolizes youthful or delicate beauty or perfection. Gumamela is one of the popular flowers in the Philippines which is adored for its beauty and vibrant colors. The gumamela, which is known as hibiscus in other countries, are sometimes refer to as the rose of sharon or rose mallow because they are members of the mallow plant family. They are adored for their beauty and taste, often add flavor and color to herbal teas. The tea has a tart flavour and rich in Vitamin C. In the Philippines, they use gumamela for bubble-making for children. The flowers and leaves are crushed until it becomes sticky then soap and water are added to make bubbles. It is named in honor of our daughter Mia. 



Julie's Tea (Sampaguita)

          The Julie's tea is from the sampaguita flower or the Philippine jasmine which is a small white flower that blooms at night and releases a romantic, sweet and powerful scent that are often made into garlands.  It is known as the Queen of the Night and the National Flower of the Philippines.  It is considered the flower of love and symbolizes innocence, modesty, purity, fidelity, dedication and hope. The tea has soothing and refreshing properties. In the Philippines, jasmine are presented to dignitaries to show honour and respect. It is named in honor of Julie, our sister-in-law, who brought so much inspiration while we were building our business. 



 Ludy's Tea (Malunggay)

          The Ludy's tea is from the dehydrated malunggay leaves. Malunggay is also called as the drumstick, horseradish or ben oil tree. It is widely cultivated because the leaves are used as vegetables and traditional herbal medicine and tea. It is known as the power food because the leaves are significant source of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. The tea has an earthy and relaxing taste, it does not contain caffeine so its safe to consume before bedtime. Malunggay is a special tree for Jez, it brings good childhood memories. It reminds her of the times when her parents are unable to afford to put meals on the table and there is abundance of malunggay tree in their backyard and provided them meals. This tea is named after Jez's mother. 



Gail's Tea (Mangga)

           The Gail's tea is from dried mangga leaves.  Mangga is a summer fruit that are used for desserts and the leaves have healing and medicinal properties. It is considered the golden fruit or the National Fruit of the Philippines because of its golden color and its heart shape. Here in the states they refer it to as the champagne mango.  This tea has sweet, tart and light fruity aroma and does not have caffeine.  It was named after Jez's (american) mom, Gail. She helped Jez's parents pay for her high school and college education.



Joy's Tea (Pukingan)

          The Joy's Tea is from dried pukingan (butterfly pea) flower.  Pukingan is a vine or a creeper.  Jez remembers this plant used to grow in their backyard and wasn't popular back then. Now it is adored by its vivid deep blue with light yellow markings and used as herbal tea. The tea changes its color to pink-purple color when an acidic substance is added such as lemon. It was named after Jeremy’s mom, Joy, because she loves the color blue. 



Kissa's Tea (Pandan)

         The Kissa's Tea is from dried pandan (screwpine) leaves. Pandan is a tropical plant that possesses a pleasant and fragrant aroma. The green juice obtained from the leaves is used as food coloring and flavoring in Asian cuisine. It can be a good substitute for vanilla essence. It is commonly steeped with coconut milk for rice-based pastries and to enhance the flavor of sweet drinks and desserts. It was named after our friend and business mentor, Kissa, for all her guidance in building our business.









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